Pre Purchase House Inspection is Done to Secure Safety of your Investment

Buying a house is an exciting event as your dream home is just a few steps away. At the same time, it is absolutely essential you ensure that the building is structurally in perfect condition. If you are not technically qualified in assessing the structural stability of the building, then you must subject the building to a competent pre purchase house inspection Adelaide firms conduct. Although, a house inspection is not mandatory, the Government of Australia in a publication strongly suggests that the building must be inspected by a professional surveyors, architects or building consultants and one must get their report in writing.

Pre purchase house inspection Adelaide

Sale subject to pre purchase report:

In some cases, you suspect any issues regarding the structural safety like cracks appearing on the wall or presence of pests like termites. Here the publication points out that you may insist that the sale transaction be subject to the pre purchase house inspection Adelaide firms conduct.

Additional structures:

Apart from these, if the building has undergone any renovation or modification then you may contact the local council to ensure that the modification or alteration has been made with due permission. After this process you may entrust the building to a pre purchase house inspection Adelaide firms recommend. Now, the inspector will assess the safety of the entire building including the safety of the additional structures.

Safety and health:

Any building can be prone to fire hazards. Further, there could also be instances that the building you are planning to buy has asbestos either for the roof or for the partition. As you know, asbestos is not only harmful, but it can also be an ideal place for pests to hide. In fact, the building inspectors are quite critical in regard to houses where asbestos has been used. Now, the Adelaide Pre purchase house inspection report apart from highlighting the issues relating to safety of the building also highlights issues that concern your health like those that could be caused due to the use of asbestos.

Estimate on essential repairs:

Further, the pre purchase house inspection in Adelaide also mentions the details of essential repairs that should be undertaken so as to enhance its structural soundness. The authorized engineer or consultant will give you an estimate for such repair works. This helps you to make effective bargaining with the owner of the building. In fact, some of the pre purchase inspectors even assist you to plan the repairs. Visit at Buy Safe Building Inspections

Inspect every part of the building:

When you log on to the Internet and go through various websites (check :, you would appreciate the procedures followed in making a detailed inspection of the building. Similarly, the best Pre purchase house inspection in Adelaide should follow such extensive inspection procedures. In fact, the authorized engineers or valuators must make a thorough inspection of every part of the building. The inspector must climb up to inspect the roof. The inspector must make a detailed inspection of the foundation and the wall and so on. Apart from these, the inspector should also carefully examine the materials used for construction like the wood, type of plastering the wall, materials used for windows and doors.

Registered pre purchase inspection services:

On the top of these, you should ensure the pre purchase house inspector has registered himself with the appropriate government agencies. It may not be out of context to mention that many of the financial institutions now insist on Pre purchase house inspection. In fact, this is done to protect your interests as well. More details at